Why Selecting A Domain Name Is Important

Selecting a Domain Name is very important for your business and also to protect your company name.You may choose one or even more domain names for your website. Our experts at Target Marketing recommend at least three domain names for your website, which must include keywords of your services and products for search engines. Moreover, this will increase your chance and visibility at search engines.

We can forward your additional domain names to your main website without any additional charges. You may visit our domain registration link and search for your suitable domain. It helps you find available domain names based on up to three keywords. A keyword is a phrase or word that defines your business, services product, etc.

Why Should You Register A Domain Name?

A domain name will provide you a unique identity on the web. In many ways, it is similar to a personalized license plate. Many businesses find it suitable to have aweb address or e-mail that is related to their company name or their business product(s).

If your company’s name is My Company, Inc., you could register the domain Your e-mail address may be “” Your customers would also be able to access your company’s website by visiting “” with their browser.

Why Should You Register Your Company?

Private registration is confident of keeping unwanted e-mails and phone calls at bay. Registering a domain without private registration will make your data or information reachable to the public. You can probably become the target of companies sending unsolicited e-mails and phone calls.

How Do You Obtain A Domain Name?

You can opt domain registration in two ways:

  1. Index the domain name yourself
  2. Get your web hosting service provider to register the domain for you.

We offer cheap domain pricing options.

Selecting A Domain Is Simple

Usually, a phrase or a word is used as a domain title. When it comes to searching for some possible options, it is vital to think of appealing words or phrases that prospective customers can easily remember. Also, it will bring traffic to the site. Use a domain name that signifies your website.

Keeping your domain title short is also recommended. It is easy to remember 5 to 20 characters. Apart from keeping it short, ensuring that your domain has correct spellings will also help you to prevent brand-related problems.

Everything You Need To Know About Top Level Domain

A top-level domain is the final section of the domain name. Its other name is also domain suffixes. Besides, it is the segment that follows the final “dot” in your URL.

So, top-level domains (TLD) have two different groups:

  • country specific top-level domain
  • generic top-level domain

Moreover, TLD helps to classify certain website elements. For instance, the country of origin, the type of business, whether it is a government, school website, etc.

Top Level Domain And DNS

In old times, dealing and forming IP addresses was not an efficient or feasible process. Because you had to know the exact IP address of the computer or any desired website. Thus, to simplify this complex system, computer experts created the Domain Name System (DNS). TLD is the top level in this hierarchical DNS.

Country-Code Top-Level Domain

Although the Internet was crafted for American governmental use, it quickly got open to the public. Also, it became available for the rest of the world. Besides, many of these top-level domains were restricted to the American military or govt. So, country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) to help discern one country from another. For example:

  • .pk– Pakistan 
  • .uk – Great Britain
  • .au – Australia
  • .ca – Canada
  • .mx – Mexico

Generic Top-Level Domains

Moreover, with time, more top-level domains keep on adding to the original list. Currently, there are 21 generic Also, TLDs at the peak of the domain name system hierarchy. These 21 generic TLDs have four categories:

Generic – Domains for general purposes:

  • .com
  • .info
  • .net
  • .org
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