5 Things to Consider While Developing a Customer Friendly Website

Websites have evolved into much more than just a collection of text and data on a page. Users increasingly want your website to engage them, present high-quality content and provide a simple, pleasant user experience.

The look and feel of your site, as well as the positioning of your CTAs, can all have an impact on how long visitors stay on your page. Fortunately, making your website more user-friendly is simple.

These five recommendations can help you make your website more user-friendly right away, allowing you to attract more visitors and convert your website into a sales machine.


1.      Visually appealing designs

Choose a website layout that will look familiar to your target users in order to have an appealing layout. A two- or three-column layout, for example, is extremely prevalent. Each page’s overall presentation looks more consistent and professional with a column on one side, either on the left or right.

A user-friendly website must also have a pleasant user interface. Additionally, make sure that your color scheme reflects your business brand while also ensuring that the backdrop color you chose is in harmony with your font type. That’s why most web development services focus on colors and visual appeal.

2.      Put your logo in the top left corner

Your logo must be prominently displayed on your website! According to research, the upper left is the optimal spot for your logo because it is where people’s eyes initially land. If your logo isn’t prominently displayed on your website, you’re not only missing out on a great branding opportunity, but you could also be confusing visitors who think they’ve landed on the wrong website.

3.      Fast loading time

Visitors are impatient, and they will not wait for a site that is slow. You might be surprised to learn that in Pakistan, 6 percent of households with internet access still use dial-up. As a result, it’s critical to test the time it takes for your website to load using emulators set to 30K internet connections. And a website development company can help you in this regard.

4.      Pay attention to CTAs

Do you have powerful calls to action (CTAs) on your sites that are placed in logical places? Visitors who decide to buy something or sign up for your newsletter want to know how to proceed. Use a powerful CTA that’s easy to find to make this straightforward.

5.      Accept online orders

Online shopping has become a way of life for many people. People dislike being restricted by store hours or location, and they dislike having to go somewhere or phone someone to place a purchase. Allow users to place orders straight on your website. This lets your customers conduct business whenever and wherever they choose. It also broadens your list of possible clients to include those who use the Internet.

Final Thoughts

So, the aforementioned elements are very important when it comes to WordPress development. All of the recommendations in this blog will assist your company’s website in becoming more user-friendly. As a result, the number of visitors to your website and the conversion rate of your goals are more likely to rise.

5 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2022 & Beyond

If your website is powered by WordPress, SEO Plugins can help you improve page loading speed, website security, and overall website performance. Your grasp of Search Intent, the Keywords you use to attract relevant traffic, the size of your picture files.

And the readability of your material are all factors that lead to outstanding search results performance. You’ll be stuck fighting against competition who uses some of these tactics to book their SERP ranks if you don’t use a WordPress SEO Plugin.

We’ll go through the finest SEO plugins and tools for your WordPress site in this blog.


1.      Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that has received a perfect 5-star rating. Yoast has a great design and is one of the most user-friendly tools for making blog content and product pages pop.

Yoast offers both free and paid editions, as well as an instructive blog where you can learn more about SEO and a vibrant discussion section. SEO Courses are also available for beginners, intermediates, and experienced users. That’s why most SEO servicesfocus on this.

2.      Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool allows you to come up with your own keyword suggestions using Google’s own data.

No one on the earth has a better understanding of what people are looking for than Google. This free tool is available to Google’s advertisers and can be used by anyone. Its major goal is to show advertisers the keywords they can use in their marketing campaigns.

It also assists advertisers in selecting the most appropriate terms by providing an estimate of number of results, search volume, and difficulty degree.

3.      Schema Pro

Schema Pro is a WordPress plugin for SEO that lets you add rich snippets to your site to make it stand out in search results. This is accomplished by displaying star ratings beneath reviews, prices beneath products, photos next to descriptions, and other information directly within the search results.

Many of the top WordPress SEO plugins, such as All in One SEO, already include structured, rich snippet data. Schema Pro, on the other hand, is a great option if you require more schema types or want to expand the capabilities of your current SEO plugin.

4.      SEOPress

SEOPress is another SEO Plugin favored by web development services. It is both user-friendly and strong. It includes meta descriptions, image/content XML sitemaps, open graph support, redirects, and other things you’d expect from a WordPress SEO plugin.

For beginners, SEOPress features a simple setup, while additional settings are available for more experienced users. The SEOPress Plugin’s paid edition is less expensive than some other premium SEO WordPress Plugins on the market.

5.      Rank Math

Rank Math is a popular and easy-to-use WordPress SEO plugin that helps you optimize your site for search engines and social media. It includes a setup wizard that allows you to import data from other SEO plugins during the process.

It makes adding meta titles, descriptions, and Open Graph metadata to your blog entries a breeze. You may also use the plugin to create an XML sitemap, link Google Search Console, and restrict user access to plugin functionalities based on their roles.

Importance of Google Analytics for Measuring Success of Your Business

It’s no surprise that Google Analytics (GA) is a great tool, but when you don’t know what you’re searching for, it’s easy to get lost in it. Knowing what to look for necessitates asking oneself the correct questions, but knowing where to look for the answers is the next step.

In the area of content marketing, too many marketers believe that “more is better.” Create as much information as you can, and the world (and Google) will find you that way. read on to know how you can measure the success of your business with Google Analytics.

So, what is Google Analytics, and how does it work?

Google Analytics is a tool that allows organizations to have a better understanding of their website. It also aids in the evaluation and measurement of how well marketing, content, and products perform in terms of user engagement. This program gathers data and organizes it into usable information.

It can be exhausting to think of methods to scale and improve your operations as a business owner. Fortunately, advanced tools like these can assist in the scaling of a company. Google Analytics for business may assist you in answering questions such as:

  • Do my efforts seem to be getting better over time?
  • What are the results of my Content Marketing efforts?
  • What are some immediate wins I can put in place?
  • What are the most effective sorts of content for converting visitors? Which forms of content work best for driving traffic?
  • What are the least effective pieces of content that turn visitors away?
  • What are some of the content subjects that I’m overlooking?

Marketing that is targeted

Google Analytics has a wide range of capabilities that can assist you in scaling your digital marketing operations. The information gathered by this tool can be used in a variety of ways. One method is to use these data sets for ad personalization, which is very important in marketing.

Google allows you to create tailored advertising based on the geographic information you acquire from your customers.

Assume you’ve amassed a useful amount of first-party data from a particular state. This data can be used to develop an audience for your next adverts. Because it is targeted to an already interested market, this data will assist you in placing ads that will give certain results.

Collects data automatically

Google Analytics takes care of everything for you, saving you time by minimizing the time it takes to enter data into documents or spreadsheets.

Despite the fact that we set up our clients to receive a monthly report through email, you can examine your reports at any time, allowing you to implement methods for better website performance.

Reports that are customized

You can choose from a variety of Google report templates or create your own customized report in Google Analytics. You have complete control over the dimensions and metrics you wish to see, as well as how they should be displayed.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to assess the effectiveness of your content marketing, and focusing solely on pageviews is a short-sighted approach to most firms’ commercial objectives.

You may now begin to properly analyze your efforts by knowing what questions to ask in order to continually improve your future content marketing efforts by learning what questions to ask.

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses in Pakistan

According to recent surveys, there are 71.70 million active social media users in Pakistan. These figures indicate that the target market for your product or service is present on these social media sites. This is why using social media as a marketing tool is critical.

One of the most significant aspects of digital marketing is social media marketing, which has ushered in a revolution in digital media platforms. It has changed the way companies communicate with their target market.

In this blog, we’ll go over social media marketing benefits for small businesses, and how you can use social media services in Pakistanto interact with your target audience.


1.      Advertising is less expensive

Although some advertising elements, such as on Facebook, can be paid for, social media is free. You can tailor such ads to those who live within a particular distance of your business. As a result, you won’t have to spend for advertising that isn’t targeted to your local clientele.

Set a budget and target demographic before you begin advertising on Facebook. Small businesses merely need to focus on their locality instead of spending thousands of dollars on social media marketing to reach across the country.

2.      For small business owners, it creates a community of followers

For small businesses, social media platforms are the go-to sites to advertise themselves. Choosing the correct platform for your business and knowing what to post are the keys to social media marketing success.

To increase your social reach and audience engagement, a good social media services agency knows exactly when to post and what type of material to post.

3.      Collaboration on social media marketing

Social media marketing strategy for multiple small enterprises can be collaborated on. As a small business owner, you have the option of collaborating with other small businesses (not rivals) that target customers in your industry.

For example, you may advertise on Twitter that clients who purchase from you would receive a 20% discount at another small business, and vice versa. Alternatively, collaborate with a nearby firm on a social media giveaway or contest.

Winners may receive a reward that includes items from both companies. You may even use your social media sites to promote the promotions of your nearby businesses to demonstrate solidarity.

4.      Interacts and converses with followers to build personal relationships

Interactions and discourse on social media help to build personal relationships with followers. People create a digital persona for themselves on social media that is distinct from their physical one.

Small businesses and organizations utilize social media to engage with consumers and fans while also listening to what they have to say.

5.      Lastly, international exposure

Because social media has no geographical boundaries, your audience can be anyone in the world. However, there are language obstacles on social media. Your reach will be constrained by the languages in which you interact.

Although computer translation is increasing, native language skills are still required to convince and sell things. Local rules and taxes may limit your international reach, but once you’ve dealt with them, you’ll be able to market to the rest of the world.

Is Trademark Registration Mandatory for Business

A Trademark Is Appropriate, Unique And Memorable!

Even if you don’t recognize it, everyone deals with trademark registration commonly. “Trademark” is an alternative way of referring to brands.

Trademarks and the reputation of a company persuade a customer to make a purchase. Business people need to have some knowledge of why trademark registration is essential. Moreover, it helps grow your business.

Importance Of Trademark Registration In Pakistan 

Here are some benefits that the trademark registration office in Pakistan offers.

Effective Communication Tool

 In a single logo or brand, trademarks can deliver emotional and intellectual attributes. It provides messages about your business, your company’s fame, services, and products.

Easy For Customers To Find You

Consumers viewing a trademark know who they are dealing with surely. Also, they know the reputation of your company. Moreover, they are less likely to look for substitutes. Your brand could be the analytical factor in driving a user’s purchase decision.

Utilization Of Social Media With Trademark Registration

Trademarkenables businesses to use the Internet and social media effectively. Your logo is the first thing users enter into a social media platform(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Also, the same for the search engine when looking for your services and products.

Value Beyond Your Core Business

Trademarks registration office in Lahore can lead the way for growth from one business to another. For instance from personal care to clothing brand or eye ware. If you want it, your trademark can lead to the procurement of your business by a larger organization.

Make Hiring Easier

Companies or brands can inspire positive notions in people’s minds. As a result, employment prospects are more attractive to candidates. Besides, employee retention can increase if employees have positive emotions for the brand.

Moreover, keep in mind that the more you distinguish your brand from others in the market, the easier it will be to protect. Choose a logo and name that identifies your business. Thus, Target Marketing proud itself for being the best trademark provider in Pakistan.  Contact us at 03-111-124-125to book a quote instantly.

Is SEO Really Important for Your Website

“Great Content Deserves Great Ranking” SEO is the most misunderstood and unrecognized tactic in the marketing scene. It is considered to be some magic that requires you to put in some effort to master. SEO is a feasible marketing strategy that can bring top quality leads as well as potential customers. But, only opting for a professional SEO company offers you this benefit.

Professional SEO Company in Lahore Provides Credibility for Your Business

With better ranking on search engine results, you will succeed in winning the trust of most of your customers. Being reliable will help you attract top quality organic traffic that is more likely to convey to customers in your field.

SEO is good because it keeps the search results fair. It lessens the ability to manipulate these results as much as possible. So, the sites appearing for each search are there because they deserve to be there. A good website attracts visitors to correlate with high search engine rankings. Thus, if your site meets the criteria, you will have a better chance of showing up in the top results.

Best SEO Services Drive Traffic To Your Business

Traffic alone is not going to make you as much money as you desire. SEO experts at Target Marketing have several proven methods of driving tons of traffic to your site. If you don’t succeed in getting all your users to become loyal customers, you will succeed in convincing a few of them to grow your clients.

Top SEO Services Offer Best ROI In Advertisement

SEO services will reward a business for all its efforts at a higher rate. It is the same for all types of online marketing.

The main reason is that SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. It enables you to market your business to people who are looking for the services or products that you have to offer.

Professional SEO Company Provides Supreme Insight into Your Clients

SEO will help you generate useful organic traffic. The experts at Target Marketing use valuable tools that offer more data and metrics about your customers. The data is vital in helping you have an insight into the customer’s mind. You will have an idea about the phrases that they use when browsing, searching, and the technology that they employ. As well as their location and the days they are most active online. The information is vital since it will help you make a sound decision for your company when creating online or offline SEO strategies.

Why a Logo is Important for Business

A logo is a small design or symbol used in business marketing. It is mainly one of the first visual symbols a business develops in the early phases of planning. It usually follows the naming of the business. Also, it accords with the development of a company slogan or motto and other visual representations. Professional logo designing company offers your business numerous benefits.

Importance of Hiring Good Logo Designing Company in Lahore

Clarity of Message

A complex logo design’s message is confusing. Customers may associate your company with the logo. But if the logo’s support of your company is uncertain, you could be harming your brand design efforts. Best logo designing services in Lahore keep your logo simple but targeted.


A directed logo is recognized from the corner of your eye. But, a complicated one may require some inspection. The reason for a logo is to bring a particular business to mind immediately. The simpler and quicker the process, the better.

Quick Emotional Reactions

When a logo is observed, all the emotions that a business elicits should come bubbling to mind. If your logo is simplistic and targeted, this uniquely human marketing procedure will operate more effectively. If a random logo design company creates your logo, you will not receive useful results.

Convertible across All Media

As any logo design expert will attest, clean logo design is easy to publish across different media. The media include web, print, stamps, signs, transfers, embroidery, promotional gifts, etc.


When a professional brand designer creates a logo design, it can be easily shrunken and enlarged. A complex design will lack details when reduced, causing visibility issues in several apps.

How Target Marketing Helps You

Whether your company has never had a logo before, or you’d like to rebuild an existing logo, Target Marketing is your choice. Our experts will consult with you to get a sense of what you want and what your business needs. Also, we work to combine these two ideas into one finished design that you will love.

We know how vital logo design is for brands, and our team stands ready to offer you a scenic representation of your brand.

Our designing process ensures that we realize your needs. Besides, we evaluate your competition before coming up with a concept. So, we offer economical packages and state-of-the-art logo designing services.

We offer four types of logo design packages, such as basic, standard, business, professional. Our Business Package is the most suited among all packages. Contact us to book a quote.

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