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Powerful and Flexible Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Choose from the wide range of best linux dedicated servers according to your requirements

CPU Core Ram Storage Bandwidth Price
Dedicated Server Economy 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz 4 GB (DDR4) 2 x 500 GB SATA Unlimited Rs.27500/mo Buy Now
Dedicated Server Value 4 x 3.06 GHZ +HT 8 GB (DDR4) 3 x 500 GB SATA Unlimited RS. 32500/mo Buy Now
Dedicated Server Deluxe 4 x 3.06 GHZ +HT 16 GB (DDR4) 4 x 500 GB SATA Unlimited Rs. 41500/mo Buy Now
Dedicated Server Ultimate 4 x 3.06 GHZ +HT 32GB (DDR4) 4 x 500 GB SATA Unlimited Rs. 56500/mo Buy Now

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting Services

Target Marketing Got You Covered With Dedicated Hosting!

Enhanced Performance

Choosing dedicated hosting services guarantees maximum performance and security

Complete Server Resources

When you choose a dedicated server, you get the entire resources of a single server

Unique IP Address

With dedicated hosting services, you have your unique IP address


A dedicated server allows flexibility of customizing for CPU, RAM, disk space and software

Our Services

Design to development and marketing we provide complete services to our customers


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Target Marketing is helping businesses in online arena. Having large number of client base we are leading in domain registrations, unmatched affordable hosting solutions and premium web development. We also provide services in field of graphic designing, audio production and animation videos, copyright services, company and trademark registrations.

Why Dedicated Servers are Required for a Business?

Dedicated servers are best suited to high-resource extensive eCommerce, streaming media websites, an application requiring custom software installation, or if your site has outgrown to such an extent that a normal shared or VPS server is no longer able to handle your site.
Besides the above, dedicated servers are suitable for customers who need a stable, efficient and flexible hosting solution in terms of both hardware and software. You can have full command of your computer with a dedicated server and provide you with much more flexibility for disk space/bandwidth.

You get the additional option of fully managed service at affordable prices with our high-performance dedicated servers. To provide you with maximum speed and scalability, all servers are connected with 1Gbps ethernet links with the latest switching and routing equipment.
Our specific servers come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and we give a 100% uptime guarantee or your money back for Business and Email Server.

VPS / dedicated servers hosting are a good choice for consumers who need custom software or improved domain access but don't want to make the significant upfront investment needed to buy a server. It is a significant benefit to you that Target Group controls the dedicated server! Additionally, we can repair it at no additional cost if a hardware component fails.

You will receive support and help from a dedicated team of Target Marketing systems to ensure you are 100% fulfilled. Your central touch will be a dedicated account manager collaborating with trained network administrators, backers, and distribution managers, all specifically assigned to handle your servers.
Target Marketing has developed extensive knowledge in supporting and maintaining dedicated servers, dedicated server hosting gaming and co-location services with many years in the server outsourcing business. To keep up with the latest technological innovations, all Target Marketing staff receives ongoing schooling.

Whatever you are thinking and want to have if that is dedicated. Please speak to us and let us set up a solution for you. Even if you have various requirements, we will set up email solutions for you, we can design HA solutions if your program is resource-intensive, we can design storage solutions if you have any requirements. These are the reasons we claim to be Pakistan's strongest dedicated server providers.
You will navigate the web applications through a GUI-based control panel with the aid of the goods of our company.

At each level, the data center is completely redundant, including but not limited to power, network, and security systems that provide the highest level of network efficiency. Just keep an eye on your submission and leave the rest at the data center.

Our developers have written hundreds of bash scripts for device upgrades & automation that require prompt corrective steps. Because of this, spamming and hacking is not happening on our network. All we have achieved is to provide our valued customers with warmth.

Most companies in corporate and government feel comfortable with us. They are contented to use our efficient dedicated servers in Pakistan.

Our network is a two-level cable to block DDoS attacks. It will block at the hardware level at the first point and our scripts will play the role in the second layer. Each process is streamlined and constructive.

If you are planning to run your server on cPanel, we are going to manage your server free of charge. This is because we are cPanel/WHM's authorized partner and we love to support customers who are on a tight budget but need dedicated web hosting.

You've come to the right place if you're on a target and are hunting for a heavily discounted dedicated server. You will barely find another provider with such low pricing and unlimited bandwidth when it comes to offering low-cost servers.

Managed Or Unmanaged dedicated servers
• Unmanaged Dedicated Servers only provide the hardware, power, and connectivity; it is our responsibility to keep the server alive with the lowest operating system so that you can access it remotely. It is totally up to you how you implement certain elements of your dedicated server such as upgrades, security patches, firewalls, and hardening.
• Managed dedicated servers hosting, let our system managers take responsibility if you find it difficult to spare time for server administration or it is not your expertise. Our managed services provide more flexibility as it requires regular backups at no extra cost.

To be honest, Virtual Private Servers are the ideal solution for you if you are looking for benefits from a dedicated server web hosting but have a limited budget. Our VPS packages are available for upgrades with far less price yet high flexibility.

If your program is hungry for power or you expect traffic collisions, enhanced security and freedom of configuration, a Dedicated Server is a right choice for you.
For example, there is an IP packet with a dedicated server. If the demand is low (up to 3 IPs or a /29 block) there are no specific requirements for additional IPs. If you need more than /29, you will need a reason for using it as per.


Our Datacenters

For best of the class hosting we have datacenters on three major continents which are North America, Europe and Asia. You are allowed to choose any of these datacenters to host your website, control is all yours.

Picture shown is for illustration purpose only and doesn't reflect actual locations of servers.

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I very much like TARGET MARKETING web development, very affordable package and website is attractive, organized and has effective design. I recommend all my friends to use their services.


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