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Things You Need to Know Before Domain Registration

To secure your domain name in the particular markets, our top-level domain experts will provide you with domain name registration to resolve local presence criteria and regulations in countries around the world. Forget to read from the different domain name registries by lengthy rules, protocols or instructions.
We offer leading domain registration services in Pakistan. Target Marketing is a renowned company for Domain Registration and Web Hosting in Pakistan and across the country. We also provide best services of Cheap-Domain in Pakistan, Game Server in Pakistan, Virtual Private Server in Pakistan, .pk Domains in Pakistan, Domain services in Pakistan, Domain hosting in Lahore, Free Domain in Pakistan, Best Domain in Pakistan, Reseller domain in Pakistan, Domain Registration in Lahore, etc.

To meet your needs and requirements, we take care of all the tedious administrative and domain registration on Google tasks. There will never again be an issue with ever-changing requirements, protocols, and guidelines. We are dedicated to providing trouble-free management of domain names. We also provide an auto-renewal system with an opt-in domain name so that you will never again lose a domain name.
You can even consider 3 characters domains with PKNIC (the agency that licenses domain names for Pakistan).

PK Domains Extensions like .COM.PK, .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .EDU.PK, .FAM.PK, .BIZ.PK and every one alternative Governmental domain like .GOV.PK, .GOP.PK, .GOS.PK, .GOB.PK, .GKP.PK, GOK.PK.
As according to the registry rules, all PK domain types are often licensed for at least two years, you cannot sign PK name for a year. If you are in the Asian country and run a business, agency or company in Pakistan, then the names of PK Domains are the most appropriate option for your net look as a predominantly Pakistan-based company. PK Domains jointly allows others who do not seem to be in Pakistan but who have their company in Pakistan or who are willing to start their business in Pakistan, to donate their business in other countries with their name as a Pakistani Business.
.PK domains are licensed for a total of 2 years, so once the period of time (2 years) has been reached, PK domains want a redemption process, meaning you have to pay for your PK name once it has expired.

You will mutually extend the PK name for a total of two years and explicitly for the same prices as you pay to buy for. PK domains and cotton on registered at the same time for a period of ten years. PK Domains is just a leading company in Asian countries selling all types of .PK domains at a low-cost premium and collectively supplying domain reseller panels to sign and handle your own and your client domains. You will be able to compare our costs in the Asian country with the other business. Recently, we have a propensity to complete the aim of registering very 2000 PK domains, which is obviously an indicator of our experience, speedy function and service quality in Pakistani domains.
So, if you are wondering that is private domain registration worth it? Then, the answer is absolutely!

It's easy to check your desired website name with suitable extensions from a specific directory, but you don't have to worry because we provide our own easy domain search tool for all hostnames. If your searched domain name is available, you can easily register it for your website, otherwise, you will need to use different combinations to get any other cheap names for your website.
For example: if you want to look for a domain name such as and discover that it is not available then you can search for the combination of hyphens (-) such as etc.
We provide smooth domain registration checker platform where you can search and buy your domain at competitive pricing in Pakistan

There are normally two or three different methods to implement, allowing you to transfer most of the domains

If you have a domain registered with a single company and want to shift that domain to another domain panel or need to change domain control with the same registrar, you will easily connect to your domain and push the domain and then approve the domain.

If you have complete access to your domain panel and you want to change the registrar or the existing registrar will charge you more or whatever the reasons, you will first find out which registrar you want your domain to be changed, as you can choose from us. Then you will create an account on the website of the new registrar and then enable page transfer after you have obtained epp code from the old registrar.

IIf you don't want to indulge yourself in this process technically, ask your new registrar to do things for you, just provide them with your current domain control panel. Or if you don't get this from your current provider, you can ask them to help you with Unlock Your Domain, Authorization Code and Disable domain registration Whois Privacy Protection.

Do you want to be able to renew your domain names immediately after the expiry? We offer an auto-renewal feature for an opt-in domain name so you never again miss a domain name. To find out more, speak to one of our professional consultants today!
Write the name(s) of the domain that you want to amend. For separate domain names, please use the "Enter" command. Up to 30 domain names can be registered at one time.

Usually, at the time of registration for domain expiry, we send an expiry warning via email or sometimes even call on given mobile or landline numbers, so it's better to pay your renewal fees without much delay to prevent service disruption as it affects your customers very badly to see your website down due to expiry of validity. We offer renewal and domain registration cheapest packages.
Moreover, once a domain expires, although you're going to pay immediately, it may take 24-72 hours to circulate and live again, meaning you may have to face it to get the website back to your crowd. You can pay us via PAYPAL, cash or deposit to our bank accounts and once after payment, notify or contact us with your payment details, payment system you used and don't forget to mention the web name you paid for.

Cheap Domain Pricing

Domain price is directly related to dollar rate and prices may vary at the time of domain registration if dollar rate fluctuates

TLDs Register Years Transfer Renew
.com Rs.1750 1 Rs.1750 Rs.1750
.net Rs.2100 1 Rs.2100 Rs.2100
.org Rs.1850 1 Rs.1850 Rs.1850
.pk Rs.2500 2 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 2 Rs.2500 Rs.2500
.info Rs.2100 1 Rs.2100 Rs.2100
.tv Rs.5000 1 Rs.5000 Rs.5000
.us Rs.1650 1 Rs.1650 Rs.1650
.asia Rs.2200 1 Rs.2200 Rs.2200
.app Rs.3000 1 Rs.3000 Rs.3000
.apartments Rs.6700 1 Rs.6700 Rs.6700
.ca Rs.2100 1 Rs.2100 Rs.2100
.co Rs.4250 1 Rs.4250 Rs.4250 Rs.2250 1 Rs.2250 Rs.2250 Rs.2250 1 Rs.2250 Rs.2250
.de Rs.1250 1 Rs.1250 Rs.1250
.CH Rs.2250 1 Rs.2250 Rs.2250
.it Rs.2250 1 Rs.2250 Rs.2250 Rs.1350 1 Rs.1350 Rs.1350
.uk Rs.1350 1 Rs.1350 Rs.1350
.in Rs.1320 1 Rs.1320 Rs.1320
.cc Rs.1700 1 Rs.1700 Rs.1700
.ws Rs.3600 1 Rs.3600 Rs.3600
.biz Rs.2250 1 Rs.2250 Rs.2250
.me Rs.3500 1 Rs.3500 Rs.3500
.mobi Rs.2850 1 Rs.2850 Rs.2850
.tel Rs.2250 1 Rs.2250 Rs.2250
.wiki Rs.3700 1 Rs.3700 Rs.3700
.website Rs.3000 1 Rs.3000 Rs.3000
.eu Rs.1300 1 Rs.1300 Rs.1300
.ued Rs.2500 1 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 2 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 2 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 Rs.2500 2 Rs.2500 Rs.2500
.xyz Rs.1700 1 Rs.1700 Rs.1700

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