Making creative & inspiring logos for your company


  • 3 Emblems
  • 3 Letter Marks
  • 3 Monogram Logos
  • 3 Brand Marks
  • 3 Abstract Logo Marks
  • 3 Mascots
  • 3 Combination Marks
  • 3 Revisions
  • 3 Color Variations



  • 5 Emblems
  • 5 Letter Marks
  • 5 Monogram Logos
  • 5 Brand Marks
  • 5 Abstract Logo Marks
  • 5 Mascots
  • 5 Combination Marks
  • 5 Revisions
  • 5 Color Variations



  • 8 Emblems
  • 8 Letter Marks
  • 8 Monogram Logos
  • 8 Brand Marks
  • 8 Abstract Logo Marks
  • 8 Mascots
  • 8 Combination Marks
  • 8 Revisions
  • 8 Color Variations
  • Corporate Logo
  • Brochure/ Flyer
  • Visiting Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes



  • Unlimited Emblems
  • Unlimited Letter Marks
  • Unlimited Monogram Logos
  • Unlimited Brand Marks
  • Unlimited Abstract Logo Marks
  • Unlimited Mascots
  • Unlimited Combination Marks
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Brochure/ Flyer
  • Visiting Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Keychain
  • File Covers
  • Writing Pads
  • Mugs


Benefits of Logo Designing

Whether it is your business card, brochure, or letterhead, the first thing that gets noticed is your logo. Also, a logo design stays with a company for a long time. It rarely gets changed due to rebranding costs. Therefore, rushing your logo project could prove to be the wrong economy. Thus, getting it right should be one of the basics of your branding strategy.

Target Marketing is the only company in Pakistan that offers all seven types of logo designs. Including emblem logo, abstract mark, mascot logo, combination mark, letter mark, pictorial mark, and word mark.

Types Of Logo Designs

Target Marketing is the only company in Pakistan that offers all seven kinds of logo designs. Including emblem logo, abstract mark, mascot logo, combination mark, a letter mark, pictorial mark, and wordmark.

Emblem Logo

An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon such as badges, seals, and crests. Also, the emblem is the oldest type of logo. It is often more detailed than other types of logos. Moreover, it comprises of beautiful line work and small, detailed imagery. They are often the go-to option for many schools, associations, or government agencies.


Abstract Mark:

It’s an abstract geometric form that represents your company. Like all other logo symbols, abstract mark works well because they summarize your brand into a single image. It allows you to create something unique to represent your company.


Mascot Logo:

Mascot logos involve an illustrated character. The mascot logo is an ideal way to create your very own company spokesperson. Besides, a mascot logo with an illustrated character represents your company. It is just like the ambassador for your brand.



Lettermarks are logos that involve letters, usually brand initials. Its other name is Monogram logo. The monogram logo is all about simplicity. Thus, by using just a few letters, lettermark logos are efficient at streamlining any brand if they have a long name.


Combination Mark:

It is a logo comprised of a combined lettermark or wordmark and an abstract mark, pictorial mark or mascot. The picture and text can be stacked on top of each other, laid out side-by-side, or integrated together to make an image. So, with a combination mark, people will also begin to associate your name with your mascot or pictorial mark.


Monogram :

Monograms are logos that involve letters, usually brand initials. The monogram logo is all about simplicity. This style of logo focuses the name down to the memorable and pronounceable parts Thus, by using just a few letters, monograms logos are efficient at streamlining any brand if they have a long name.


Brand Mark

A Brand Mark is an icon or graphics-based logo. The vital thing to consider when deciding to opt for a pictorial mark is what image to select. Choose wisely as this is something that will stick with your brand its entire existence.


Benefits of Logo Designing

A Company’s Logo is an Essential Part of any Business for Branding Process.

  • First Impression Brand Identity
  • Project a Professional Image
  • Easier to Understand in First Look
  • Good Return on Your Investment
  • Helping and Appealing Your Marketing
  • Strategy & Concept Of A Professional
  • Build Loyalty
  • Consistency
  • Logo as Brand Awareness

Importance of Logo Designing

A well-designed logo can communicate everything to the audience

Grabs Attention

A logo can grab viewers’ attention and communicates business core values.

Foundation of Brand Identity

Colors, fonts, tones– all of this is determined by the story your company is trying to tell.

Visual is Memorable

Logos are a point of recognition. They are the symbol that customers use to identify your brand.

Brand Loyalty

As your brand grows, your logo is going to become more familiar. Thus, creating brand loyalty.



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Target Marketing is born to make a difference, so is our method of logo design! In terms of interaction and results, each step of our customer service process is more customer-centric and innovative from the other. When it comes to your digital future needs, our committed buddies still believe in open contact. For more information regarding logo designing tips and ideas, you can read our blog section.

Producing your business' strong visual identification is what our logo manufacturers ensure!
We know that with our businesses, our clients have high expectations and recruiting our company means you have shown us the trust and we need to do our utmost. In the shape of their logo, we maintain a strong visual identification of the company to our clients. We work consistently step by step to ensure the quality of our service; whilst we love to respond quickly, we would like our clients to be patient because our technical activities require time and logo design is not two or three days work.

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Any design of logos are available here! Every logo designed by Target Marketing designers is unique to your market. Designers view the brief and provide exclusive and logo-loving ideas.
You can provide all the information you need to use your logo online and in print until your project is complete. It includes vector formats as well as a web preview file, such as a PNG JPG. Obviously, you also get the design's full legal rights.

Indeed! With fantastic logo design, a strong brand identity begins. It's the key design choices you're going to make. Whatever your company vision is big or small, having a custom logo will bring your brand on the road to success.
Your logo template will be used everywhere—on your website, video or print records, in ads, and anything else your clients will see-so it's important that you get it right.

Simply start a Target Marketing initiative, pick your budget and tell us what you need by finishing your creative brief. Through providing feedback and discovering new designs and eye-catching icons you and your clients would enjoy, partner with Target Marketing's network of professional designers. We specialize in logo design with letter services.

Set your budget and provide designers with positive, direct feedback throughout the artistic process to guarantee that you get the right logo template for you. The more information you provide and the more input you provide in your brief logo design, the better the results!

Channels vary from project to project, but the key to good logo design is similar main questions such as: What is your core business goal? Who is the niche of your target? What are you talking about? How much engagement do you enjoy' digital?' How to express the identity of your own visual brand? With a human-centered, responsive design thinking and mobility for a modern world to form the right brand for your market at Target Marketing, a new breed of mindsets is ready to satisfy your technical needs! So, when you are looking for logo designing near me services, Target Marketing should immediately pop up in your mind.

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