Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Achieve high rankings and increase your website visibility in search engines

SEO Silver Package

  • Initial Website Analysis
  • Target Keywords 3
  • Keywords Research
  • Title Tag Optimization 5
  • XML Sitemap File Creation & Submission
  • Robots.txt File Creation
  • Meta Tags Optimization 5
  • Optimization Content 3
  • Blog of 500 Unique Keywords Back Links
  • Technical Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Checking
  • Google Analytics Setup & Integration
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Bing My Business Setup
  • 1 Ad on Google
  • 1 Ad on LCCI
  • Broken Link Checking


SEO Golden Package

  • Initial Analysis of Website
  • Target Keywords 6
  • Keywords Research
  • Title Tag Optimization 10
  • XML Sitemap Creation & Submission
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Robots.txt File Creation & Submission
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Optimization Content 5
  • Blog of 700-800 Words
  • Creation of Back Links
  • Web Directories Submission 3
  • Technical Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Checking and suggestions to eliminate
  • Google Analytics Setup & Integration
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Broken Link Checking and Suggestions
  • Web Master Verification
  • Google Verification
  • Yandex Verification
  • Bing Verification
  • Bing My Business Setup
  • Deep Audit of Website
  • 3 Ads on Google
  • 1 Premium Ad on LCCI for 3 months
  • Monthly Reporting of Website Performance


SEO Diamond Package

  • Initial Audit of Complete Website
  • Target Keywords 12
  • Keywords Research
  • Title Tag Optimization 15
  • XML Sitemap File Creation & Submission
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Robots.txt File Creation & Submission
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Optimization Content 10
  • 2 Blog of 700-800 Words
  • Creation of Back Links
  • Web Directories Submission 6
  • Technical Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Checking And Suggestions To Eliminate
  • Google Analytics Setup & Integration
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Broken Link Checking and Suggestions
  • Web Master Verification
  • Google Verification
  • Yandex Verification
  • Bing Verification
  • Bing My Business Setup
  • Google Adsense Account
  • Complete Profile Page on LCCI.PK
  • Website Deep Audit
  • Complete Report of Website Performance At The End Of Every Month
  • SEO Review After Every 2 Weeks
  • Social Media Accounts Creation
  • Facebook Page 1
  • Instagram Account 1
  • Twitter Account 1
  • Pinterest Account 1


Why SEO Is Important

Achieve High Rank in Google to Promote Your Business Organically and Locally to Increase Your Sale

  • Cost Efficient SEO services
  • High Visibility in Search Rank Organically
  • Local SEO via Google Pack Listing
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Paid Marketing via Google AdWords
  • Increase Engagement &Traffic

Search Engine Optimization With Target Marketing (Pvt) Limited

We are an agency that teaches the potential for our esteemed clients to create multi-dimensional web development and promotional services. For Social Media High Ranks, Search Engine Optimization and SEO-friendly web design, we have separate teams to fulfill the market needs. To meet our professional standards, we set our own standards!

The ability to increase access to your website is one of the most sought-after benefits of introducing an SEO online marketing strategy. An SEO agency is a website of winning positions on a search engine's pages. Target Marketing is a licensed Google affiliate and the best SEO service. Our department is experienced in eCommerce, PPC (Pay per click), databases, Google AdWords, site accessibility, software, and many more features.
Our SEO department provides strategies that will double the rivals as well as longevity. SEO Company uses SEO from the outset of your project to incorporate and take precedence over your growth. Target Marketing—cheap and affordable SEO service provider is here to offer professional advice to realize your platform with your ambition. Our engineers and staff combine ingenuity and experience to oversee the most successful up-to-date websites. In addition, a range of skills such as backlink, quality content, link baiting, URL management, and on-page/off-page optimization was needed for successful SEO work.

Our SEO, SMM and Web Development teams and high-ranking experts work in partnership to keep every client happy and capable of achieving the highest return on investment (ROI) with the best strategies. We respect each customer and provide the "Company Style" personalized optimization services. Stay in touch! Try the best to grasp every step you take on a Success and Financial Prosperity path.
With our top SEO experts in Pakistan, Target Marketing helps you to conquer the organic rankings race. Through an analysis of keywords to professional evaluation, we give your website a free SEO consultation with an expert SEO advice for SEO fixes. Target Marketing leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering your website's best. In Lahore Pakistan, we have results-oriented and sales-driven SEO services.

We have a plan for everyone, from small start-ups to large-scale companies. We follow the latest SEO roundtable techniques. We know that good SEO will make or break your business as a leading SEO company in Pakistan. From the outset of our keyword research process, we dig deep into your marketing targets and come up with a keyword analysis that not only attracts more visits to your website but also transforms certain visitors so that you can have a new organic rating revenue bag. One of the leading SEO firms in Pakistan is supposed to do that. We are all set to challenge Pakistan's and other countries' online marketing patterns.

You can meet our qualified and devoted SEO Experts all 24/7.

We follow the deadlines we have agreed with customers and deliver on time.

We try our best to execute our obligations on a timely basis and with the best results.

We love working in a dynamic and challenging environment and completing our duties all well.

We believe in providing our customers with best quality SEO and high efficiency.

We are prepared to serve after-sales and provide quality service maintenance.

Our Pakistani SEO specialists examine key areas of your website to successfully crawl your website. Our SEO battle begins with finding problems and how to fix them on-page.

We perform a thorough thematic keyword analysis as a professional SEO service provider, keeping in mind the marketing targets. If you want to understand what are SEO keywords and how we work on them, contact us today. We uncover keywords possibilities for your website to carry the most important conversion traffic.

SEO is the essence of any SEO campaign. Our 75+ on-page checklist guarantees that the website is accessible to the search engine. We select the best weekly keyword and customize the website around the key terms.

To track the success of your project, we will provide you with detailed monthly reports. This will keep us in touch where the process and strategy can continue to be consulted.

We provide our customers with a full and reliable maintenance service even after offering the best SEO strategy service to keep your website on top of your competition.

As your SEO consultants in Pakistan, we are focused strongly on developing website-friendly, actionable, high-quality SEO content. We have a team of professional content authors who do the job intelligently.

Target Marketing in Pakistan is a reputable SEO company that can provide you with a detailed concept framework and rating review of your website. This can be done through an audit of the SEO website. The outcome of this website SEO audit would allow the company of search engines to give you a recommendation of how much effort it takes to transmit you to a certain ranking point. Our SEO expert Lahore focuses on the three main things: robots, indexing, and algorithm that a search engine needs to properly find search query sites.

We are your prosperity partners with such amazing results to allow you to be on top of the most effective SEO tactics of search engines. We credit only White Hat SEO and Social Media Marketing Strategies, and that's a big reason that so many Pakistani and foreign clients trust us. They contact our experts to provide them with all manner of digital marketing services.

Benefits of SEO Services

We are fully committed to provide cost-efficient SEO services to our esteemed clients

Cost Management

SEO lowers marketing costs. Thus, making it a better cost management strategy.

More Revenue

Your target market will become more aware of you that leads to more revenue.

Better User Experience

SEO services offer you a better user experience with relevant information and ranking.

Establish Brand Awareness

SEO ensures that search engines through organic search easily find your product.

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