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These Terms And Conditions (“Agreement”) is an agreement between Target Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. (“Company”), and the party attributed in the related order form (“your” or “Client”) incorporated here by reference (together with any succeeding order forms accepted by Client, the “Order Form”), and pertains to the purchase of all services of Client on the Order Form (collectively, the “Services”).

Kindly read this agreement carefully. These terms and conditions apply to target marketing customers.

Web Development Packages

  • All website development offers includes cost of .com domain with one year of registration.
  • In all web development offers .pk or .com.pk domains will be charged Rs. 1550 extra and these domains will be registered for 2 years after which you have to renew the domain registration.
  • All domains will be registered with Target Marketing (Pvt.) Limited and management of domain will be the responsibility of Target Marketing. If someone wants to get control or transfer of domain from us then he/she will request for domain transfer which may take up to two months and after this the former customer is no longer be able to claim any benefits of this package offer.
  • Only new domains will be registered for web development packages, if someone already have domain name then he has to apply for domain transfer 2 months before expiry date of domain name.
  • In web development packages, Hosting will be provided for first year consisting of 1GB disk space with unlimited bandwidth subject to fair usage policy.
  • For customers with higher hosting needs customized hosting packages are available which will be priced separately.


  • Client must guarantee the primary email address on file is kept updated and is obtainable in the event of an issue with your account, like an abuse related incident where your account could be banned, or to notify you of an issue with your hosting service. Thus, the use of an email ID at your domain hosted with us for this reason is forbidden as in this event you would not be accessible.
  • Client is exclusively responsible for the performance, quality and all other aspects of the Client Content and the services or goods provided through the Client Website.
  • Client undertakes full responsibility for offering end users with any required explanation or disclosure of the several features of the Client Website and any services or goods described there, as well as any guidelines, terms and conditions of use.


The initial term of this Agreement shall be as attributed in the Order Form (the “Initial Term”). The Initial Term shall start upon commencing the Services to Client. After the Initial Term, this Agreement will automatically recommence.

Moreover, after the initial term, you agree, acknowledge and permit company to spontaneously bill and/or charge on your credit card for succeeding terms of equal length as the initial term, except cancelled or terminated by either party as mentioned in the following section.

The Initial Term and all succeeding recommencing periods shall be referred to, collectively, as the “Term”.

This Agreement may be terminated

  1. By Company subsequent a written notice to the Client at least seven (7) days in advance
  2. By Client subsequent a written notice to the Company at least thirty (30) days in advance
  • By Company in the consequence of nonpayment by Client,
  1. By Company, at any time, without any notice, if, in Company’s sole and absolute judgment and/or discretion, Client is in disruption of any term and condition of the this Agreement and related agreements or Client’s use of the Services unsettles or, in Company’s sole and absolute decision and/or judgment, could disrupt, Company’s business set-ups.



Royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide right and license during the Initial Term and any Term afterwards to do the following to the extent essential in the performance of Services under the Order:

  1. Connect, digitize, convert, upload, select, assemble, order, compile, associate, synchronize, reproduce, utilize, store, recover, process, transmit, publicly exhibit, dispense, publish, hyperlink and publicly perform; and
  2. Make back-up copies or archival of the Client Website and Client Content. Excluding for the rights expressly permitted above, Target Marketing is not acquiring any right, interest or title to the Client Content, all of which shall remain especially with Client.




The services offered under this agreement are provided on an as is, as accessible basis. None of company, its subsidiary, parent or affiliated corporations, or any of their respective officers, employees, directors, affiliates, agents, shareholders, attorneys, third-party information providers, suppliers, merchants, licensors or the like (each, an “company person”) make any guarantees of any kind, either implied or expressed, including but not limited to permits of merchantability or fitness for non-infringement or a particular commitment, for the services or any equipment company provides.

Company is not liable, and specifically disclaims any liability, for the content of any data transmitted either to or from client or stored by client or any of client’s clients via the services offered by Target Marketing.

No written information or oral advice given by any company person, will create a permit; nor may you rely on any such advice or information. The terms of this section shall endure any cessation of this agreement.

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