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Get your trademark and copyrights registered with IPO Pakistan under copyright laws to protect your intellectual property

Trademark Registration

Trademark acts as an identification source of a service or product. There are some legal rights associated with trademark registration. These are enforceable in case of breach of the trademark rights.

Our procedure of trademark registration includes:

  • Review Of Name Or Mark
  • Preparation Of Application
  • Submission And Follow Up Of Application
  • Publication In Trademark Journal
  • Final Trademark Registration
  • Included IPO Fee (13000/-)

Our committed team of professionals assists our clients in understanding the trademark law in Pakistan. We routinely interact with patent and trademark examiners and protect and secure intellectual property rights capably on a very cost-effective tariff.

Rs18000/- Included IPO Fee (13000/-)

Copyright Services

Copyright your unique works monitor and protect your websites, prevent plagiarism and theft. Share your ideas, visions and workings  safely while protecting and securing your intellectual property under the Law.

We offer instant protection for your work and sites including

  • Literary work
  • Audio or Sound
  • Visual or Photos
  • Graphics Art
  • Architectural work

We offer efficient and fast stolen content removal services to help you protect your commercial and personal intellectual property. Our secure system can monitor your registered websites and protect your unique content from copyright infringement and theft.


Importance of Trademark Registration

Trademarks protect both businesses and consumers for running a successful company.

  • Exclusive Rights
  • Global Permits
  • The Right To Use ® Or “R”
  • Security & Legal Protection
  • Licensing
  • Complete Ownership
  • No Copyright Issues
  • Easy Selling
  • Easily Identifiable

Importance of Copyright

Registering your work and availing protection services is a must for every business

Public Record of the Ownership

Copyright protection makes a public record of ownership by the copyright owners.

Take Legal Actions

Copyright protection allows the holder of the copyright to take legal action against infringer.

State Protection

It permits the copyright holder to record registration with Pakistani customs to help in protection.

Complete Originality

Copyright enables creators to be rewarded for their originality subsequently.


Benefits of Trademark & Copyright Registration

Before understanding the process of Trademark Registration in Pakistan, it is important to understand what trademark meaning or trademark definition. A trademark is a characteristic sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization or website to identify the services or products to consumers with which the trademark appears to originate from a unique source and to differentiate its services or products from others.

'TM' stands for Trademark's name. The use of the trademark symbol notifies the public that the organization has sole possession of the trademark and can only be used by someone who has applied for a trademark.
The ® sign may only be used once the trademark has been registered and the certificate of registration has been issued. You may also use the registration symbol only for the goods and/or services for which the trademark is registered.

If a trademark is not registered for a website and infringement is suspected, the owner must provide extensive evidence that the use of the other person is likely to cause deception or confusion as a result of their use and reputation in the trademark. Under the common law practice of handing aside, the conflict would be dealt with.

If you want to trademark a name, you need to do a trademark TM search to ensure that your website materials are not already in use. And due to the potential for legal headaches, you may want to hire an attorney to help with trademark registration. But you can always submit an application online.

Target Marketing is a digital agency for trademark registration online. We are committed to all aspects of trademark registration search, trademark registration the USA and trademark registration service in Pakistan. We have always sought to provide honest and prompt service to assist its clients in protecting and using their trademark registration number in a way that suits their real interests and businesses. For more information regarding our fees for trademark registration and trademark registration cost, contact us today.

Copyright is literally the right to copy, although it is more accurate, in legal terms, to "the right to control copying." According to copyright act 1976, the copyright for websites is the exclusive statutory right to exercise control for a specific period of time over copying and other exploitation of the works. In addition to registering a trademark, your exclusive packaging design or main page of your website may also be copyrightable.

Copyright registration of the business/website who created the work is valid for 60 years. Target Marketing provides experience in supporting the company is working out the entire legal process from patent filing to copyright registration. In the case of copyright infringement and acts to be done in such cases, we even provide our help. You can rely on our services to meet your requirements related to copyright. Copyright registration offers the right to copyright and fair use of a website.

Copyright owners for a website or a business have the right to either do or allow any of the following:
• Replicate the work by electronic means in any form of media, including preserving it in any medium.
• Send copies of the work to the public, which are not already available originals. Same is the case for the image with copyright and copyright HTML code.
• To perform the work in public, or to make some translation or modification of the work available to the public. The copyright law includes copyright website, copyright logo and copyright music.
• To sell or hire, or offer to sell or hire a copy, regardless of whether such a copy has been sold or hired on previous occasions.

Copyright means a form of protection granted to the original work creator that excludes others from performing, selling, or using the work. The patent refers to the inventor's proprietary rights that exclude others from producing, using or selling the product for a specified period of time.
Copyright prohibits others from the original work being made, replicated or sold. Patent, on the other hand, owes others from the creation or use of the drug or procedure.
Copyright rules or copyright claim is valid for 60 years but patent registration is valid for 20 years.

Copyright and trademark and are both types of intellectual property defined as mental creation, such as inventions, artistic and literary works, designs, symbols, names and images used in trade. Patents in relation to trademarks and copyrights can also legally protect intellectual property.
The main difference between trademark and copyright is that while both offer protection, they cover specific product categories and have different requirements for registration.
Copyright is generally focused on literary and artistic materials and objects, such as books and videos, and is created automatically upon creation. The trademark name protects items that help define a brand of a company, such as its logo or slogan, and requires more extensive government registration.
So, for copyright or trademark registration, consult our experts today.

Copyrights protection continues as long as the work is produced in a set form. In the process of authorship, copyrights automatically become the property of the person who made the work. Only the owner of the website or those who derive their rights through the business can claim copyright lawfully.
In the case of a work done by an employee within the framework of his or her job; the employer and not the employee shall be deemed to be the author if the parties specifically agree in a written document signed by them that the work shall be deemed to be a hired worker.

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